Justin Bieber's 'Heartbreaker'? More Like 'Chartbreaker'

Even non-Beliebers are giving JB props for the slow jam, the first song released in his Music Monday series.

Justin Bieber is putting his heart on the line with his new single, "Heartbreaker." Kicking off his Music Mondays series, the singer dropped the slow jam early this morning (October 7).

Judging by the response, Beliebers are really into Justin's more mature sound on the new track, which is also the first taste of his music journals. "The lyrics to #heartbreaker is perfect, Justin really does a good job when he's writing his own #musicjournals," @CompletedBieber wrote.

Fans really connected to his personal message, too, which finds him trying to convince the girl whose heart he broke to give him another chance. "Girl, you see me standing here, standing in the rain, oh baby/ Any chance that you could stay right here?/ And never go away?/ You say that you don't wanna talk, but it's cool/ Been thinkin' about you all day long, hopin' you'll pick up your phone."

@bieberwhoreos commented that, "Heartbreaker is so emotional, you can feel the passion & message of the song. He's just telling us the truth in his music, that's important."

The song quickly gained traction on iTunes charts around the world when it hit at midnight on Monday, and tweets like this one from @Justinismaboy prove why: "#heartbreaker isn't just a song. This is the cry of his soul. He's pouring his heart out in it, sharing his feelings with us. He trusts us."

"Heartbreaker did you mean chartbreaker bc sLAY," @kidrauhlvuitton added.

Justin even managed to convert a few non-Beliebers with the jam, including JMoore428, who posted a Vine confessing his love for the track.

"Heartbreaker" is the first song in a planned 10-week cycle that will see the 19-year-old dropping new music every week in the lead-up to his concert film, "Believe." Though there's no official release date yet for the Jon M. Chu-directed flick, manager Scooter Braun has teased a movie will hit theaters on Christmas.