Mike Will Soothed Miley Cyrus' Doubts About 'We Can't Stop'

'It was a game changer,' Mike Will told MTV News of he and Miley's hit single.

Even Miley Cyrus gets nervous. With all of her head-strong confidence, it may have been a bit strange for fans to see the pint-sized pop star second-guess herself as they watched "Miley: The Movement." But like any good friend, Mike Will Made It made sure to restore the singer's faith.

MTV's cameras followed Miley as she made her way to Ryan Seacrest's radio show on June 3 to premiere her Bangerz lead single, "We Can't Stop." Though Miley oozed with confidence on-air, in the next scene, the cameras caught her in a bit of a freak-out as she drove in a car while on the phone with Mike Will.

"She just played the song for the first time when she was on Ryan Seacrest and then she was in the car and I was in my car and she had called me," the producer told MTV News on Thursday, the day after "The Movement" debuted.

"Yo, Mike Willy," she said in the doc, unhappy that "We Can't Stop" was only #181 on the iTunes chart in that moment. "Did we make the right decision? I get nervous, you know I'm having a panic attack."

"I was like, 'Hell yeah,' we already knew it was a banger," Mike Will told us recalling the scene. "Me and Miley, we're real close man, so as a producer and as the executive producer of her album, that's what I was supposed to do. We got so many different songs and her album is so dope. She has a lot of songs that can be singles."

Ultimately, their instincts were right. "We Can't Stop" catapulted Miley to the prime pop position and helped to set off a chain of events that has arguably made Bangerz the most-anticipated album of the year. Her much-talked about performance of the song at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards generated a ton of heat and proved, among other things, that "We Can't Stop" would be one for the ages.

"A lot of people were telling us like, 'Yo, man that's too slow for pop radio'," Mike said of the track he produced alongside P-Nasty and Rock City. "It was a game changer and I was just telling her, 'This is what we wanted, we wanted people to say it's not gonna work... and then it comes out and it works."