A Miley Movement Who's Who: From Britney To Bean

Britney Spears, Mike Will Made It and Pharrell help lead Cyrus' new movement.

Miley Cyrus may be the creative force behind her movement, but she's not the only one leading it.

During the MTV documentary "Miley: The Movement" Cyrus gave fans an intimate look into her life, introducing us to some of her family members, friends and the high-powered artists she enlisted to help craft Bangerz.

But there's still a lot more to see. On Sunday, the 90-minute deluxe version of the documentary will air at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. To get you fully prepared, MTV News is giving you a "Who's Who" guide to everyone who has contributed to Miley's movement.

Britney Spears

The queen of pop certainly needs no introduction. The "Work Bitch" singer makes a memorable cameo in the documentary as she records her verse for Miley's "SMS (Bangerz)."

And Miley reminded us that she and Brit have a lot more in common than just a manager. "The way that I am about Britney, that's the way a lot of people are about me," she said. "She was my first record. I was a lot of peoples' first album. First idol. I'll be a diehard fan for Britney always."

Mike Will Made It

The Atlanta producer has worked with everyone from 2 Chainz to Juicy J, but he made the transition into the pop world when he became the executive producer of Bangerz.

"I've known about him because I listened to a lot of hip-hop," Miley said. "I just fell in love with his beats and how young he was. No pop chicks are real messing with him like that."

Miley returned the favor to Mike Will when she was featured on "23," the first off his upcoming debut album.


There was a time that Miley had no manager and no record label behind her, but as soon as Pharrell walked through the door, things changed. After hearing Miley's rendition of "Jolene," Pharrell immediately knew he wanted to work with the former Disney star.

"He didn't come in and try to fix me," Miley said. "He knew I had a vision and that it was going to happen for me because I was clear, but I didn't know necessarily what my sound was going to be."


Making the trek with Miley across the country for her "Jimmy Kimmel" and "Good Morning America" performances was will.i.am. In the documentary, the two are seen rehearsing for their performances, with Miley breaking out in a spot-on impersonation of Shakira's "Hip's Don't Lie."

The two teamed up earlier this year for "Fall Down," a track off will.i.am's #willpower, before he lent his producing skills to Bangerz on "Do My Thang."


If you turned away for a split second you may have missed Future's cameo, but the Atlanta rapper hit the studio with Miley during the documentary most likely to talk about their Bangerz collaboration, "My Darlin'."

This won't be the last time you hear these two on a track together, Future revealed to MTV News that Miley's vocals will be featured on "Real and True" off his upcoming album, Honest.

Larry Rudolph

Although Larry Rudolph, who is also manager to Britney Spears, doesn't say anything in the documentary, that doesn't mean he hasn't been a huge part of the movement. Shortly after signing with RCA records earlier this year, Miley enlisted Rudolph to become her new manager.

"There's this moment in time, a transitional moment, where you have an artist who is naturally and organically making a transition from a child star to someone who is making music for her age bracket, the kind of people she hangs out with," Rudolph explained to MTV News. "We set out to capture this time when things are going to significantly change in terms of how the world viewed her."

Tish Cyrus

It's evident in the documentary that Miley's very close with her and her mom/ manager/"homey" Tish Cyrus. Throughout Miley's entire movement, from the release of "We Can't Stop" to her Video Music Awards performance, her mother has been right there.

"Anyone that's ever said, 'Where's her mother?' " Tish begins, answering, "Right beside her — through good, through bad, through arguments, through crying, through I don't care what — right there."

Noah Cyrus

Before hitting the stage at "Good Morning America," Miley is seen backstage talking to her 13-year-old sister, Noah.

This isn't the first time the two have been seen onscreen together. Noah performed as a background dancer in 2009's "Hannah Montana: The Movie" and also appeared in several episodes of the Disney show.

Cheyne Thomas

Miley and Cheyne — or BiewBiew, as she calls him — have been best friends for quite some time, but last year she decided to hire the then-Starbucks employee as her assistant. "And I was like, 'F--- that,' " Miley said in the latest issue of Rolling Stone. "My best friend can't work at Starbucks! We've been working ever since."

Denika Bedrossian

Another person noticeably by Miley's side is her longtime makeup artist Denika Bedrossian, aka Dolly. They started working together during her "Hannah Montana" days, and Dolly is responsible for some of Miley's signature looks.

Miley's Dogs

Smilers have seen the photos of Miley's dogs on Twitter, but during the documentary, the world was properly introduced to her pups, including Bean and Mary Jane, who's set to star in the "4x4" video featuring Nelly.

"Bean, she was a crazy puppy and really hyper and my dog that passed away was really sweet, super calm. I was like 'W-W-L-D (What Would Lila Do)?' you need to act like Lila," Miley said. "And ever since we had that conversation...like I talk to my dog... ever since we had that conversation, she's been the calmest sweetest girl, I feel like she knew I really needed her."


The most integral part of this movement is no doubt Miley's dedicated fanbase, her Smilers. Over the past several months, they have embarked and embraced this change with her, and without them, she knows this wouldn't be possible.

"It's an army, moving at once, pushing the boundaries, being new and creative," she tells the camera. "It's bigger than just a record, it represents taking over the world."

Watch the 90-minute deluxe edition of "Miley: The Movement" Sunday (October 6) at 8 p.m. ET and tag your reactions on Instagram with #MileyTheMovement!