Why Were Haim Left Off Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' Verse?

Girls gush about K-Dot and why West Coast hip-hop is so important to them.

It seems that Kendrick Lamar left one more name out of his controversial verse from Big Sean's "Control," in which he took on a cadre of other rappers he'd go toe-to-toe with. That name? The barely pronounceable Haim, who recently revealed to MTV News their West Coast hip-hop influences.

Haim's debut LP, Days Are Gone, dropped on September 30, and there among all the indie rock goodness is borderline rap track, "My Song 5."

"It's not a secret that we're huge fans of West Coast hip-hop," Este said of the track when asked what influenced its hard-driving sound.

"I think that's what we actually end up listening to the most when we're back in L.A.," Danielle added, shouting out K-Dot as a rapper they particularly admire. "He reps the West Coast and L.A. pretty hard," she said.

Alana also cited some more old-school influences: "We've always been Dr. Dre fans — like the biggest Dr. Dre fans, Snoop Dogg, Tupac — that's what we grew up with," she said. "We grew up loving West Coast hip-hop."

For the trio, though, their love of those tunes was a clandestine affair. "We couldn't listen to it with our parents around," Alana said, with Este adding, "We had to save our money and buy Discmans and headphones so that we could listen to it without our parents knowing."

Although their parents, whom they used to play in a cover band with still attend their shows — cue the massive awwws — we think it's safe to say Haim no longer has to hide their love of Kendrick and Co. from the 'rents.

Free from the watchful eyes of their elders, perhaps now they use their newly discovered "Cojones" to craft their own "Control" response. Three heads are better than one, after all.