Britney Spears' New Album Won't Just Be 'Work Bitch'

'It's very personal for her,' manager Larry Rudolph says of Spears' upcoming album.

Britney Spears is taking her own advice: You want a hit album? You better work, bitch.

Just like she says in her smash single, Brit is working overtime to finish the follow-up to Femme Fatale, and as manager Larry Rudolph explained to MTV News, she's entering the home stretch ... and determined to have the album out by December.

"We're getting close to being finished, we're probably three or four songs away," Rudolph said. "We did a listening session the other day, just to take stock of everything we have, and it's just one song after the other, it's amazing, it's really good. I know she can't wait for her fans to hear it, too."

Earlier this year, frequent collaborator said that he's challenging Spears to get deep on the new album — "We need to talk about what she's excited about in life. We gotta talk about the things that hurt her," he told Rolling Stone. "We can't do another song about going on the dance floor." — and, from the sound of things, she rose to the occasion. To hear Rudolph explain it, Britney's new music takes her to places she's never been before, and the result is nothing sort of a dramatic reinvention.

"The album definitely is not just 'Work Bitch.' This is a situation where there are multiple, multiple layers, things like you've never heard from her before," he said. "There's a lot that fans expect, but a lot that they don't ... She's written on every song on the album, which is a first for her, and it's a very personal album for her, and I think people are going to love it."