Niall Horan Debuts (Shirtless) Rap Alter Ego, MC Nialler: Check Out His Skills!

One Direction singer spits a few lines over Coolio's throwback hit 'Gangsta's Paradise' in this hilarious Instagram video.

Move over Shawty Mane, there's a new MC in town. One Direction's Niall Horan is giving Justin Bieber a run for his pop star-turned-rapper money in a new Instagram video released on Thursday.

Horan debuted his rapping alter ego, MC Nialler, in a black-and-white clip that shows him rhyming over Coolio's 1995 hit, "Gangsta's Paradise." And he does it all while shirtless. Even bandmate Liam shows up to play Niall's hype man. (Harry also appears in the video, briefly, and not paying much attention to what's happening around him.)

In any case, Niall seems to be taking his rapping seriously (OK, probably not that seriously), and he manages to tease some new One Direction music in the process: "Yo, MC Nialler in the mix. Big up! New album coming soon."

1D's upcoming album, Midnight Memories, is slated to hit the streets on November 25. And while we don't know if MC Nialler will be spitting any lines on the release, he has previously confirmed that he'll be playing guitar on the album.

Shortly after releasing the rap video, Niall asked Directioners if they'd seen his "unbelieve rappin" in the clip. And, judging by the response, fans definitely had reviews for it, including "liking" it more than 430,000 times on Instagram.

Hadeelmaree commented, "You're rappin and.. Shirtless at the same time? Why are u doing this to meeeee." Meanwhile, bisera1d had major praise, "u da best rapper just sayin."