Miley-isms Decoded: How To Tell A 'Biew Biew' From a 'Giant Adult Baby'

We learned plenty about Miley Cyrus in MTV's 'The Movement,' including how to speak Cyrus-ese.

Miley Cyrus drops plenty of knowledge in her MTV doc, "The Movement" — "You're always going to make people talk. You might as well make them talk for two weeks, rather than two seconds" is a particular favorite — though for all her straight talk, she does say some things that might have left you scratching your head.

They're called "Mileyisms," and if they've got you confused, don't feel bad: Not everyone is fluent in Cyrus-ese. Luckily, we are (we took a couple classes in college), and to add enjoyment to your future viewings of "The Movement," we've compiled a handy list of some of Miley's favorite phrases. Because how else are you supposed to tell the difference between a "Biew Biew" and a "Giant Adult Baby?"

» "Bad Bitch" Miley considers herself one, though it took cutting off all her hair to realize her true B.B. potential. Total amount of f---s given must not exceed 0.

» "Bean, Mary Jane, Floyd" These are the names of Miley's dogs. She speaks to them as if they are human beings. One of them gets very freaked out while Cyrus is playing the Bangerz track "FU."

» "Biew Biew" Miley's nickname for her assistant/BFF Cheyne, who was working at a Starbucks before being hired by Cyrus. Most folks find him very handsome.

» "Doctor Things" We're not really sure what they are, though we do learn that Miley "paid, like, $2,000" for them.

» "Dope" A state of being Miley continually strives to attain. "Nothing can have my face on it, my name on it, that isn't dope," she states.

» "Entertainment Boot Camp" How Miley refers to her time inside the Disney Machine. Seems she learned a whole lot while making "Hannah Montana."

» "Giant Adult Baby" What Miley thinks she looked like during her now-infamous VMA performance.

» "Homey" Miley's best pals. Her mom, Tish, is a certified homey, so is producer Mike WiLL. Though not specifically addressed as such, we're going to assume Biew Biew is a homey, too.

» "Hot Dog Gun" A gun that shoots hot dogs. Miley tells Britney Spears that she was intending to bring said gun to the VMAs. Maybe she left it in her police car.

» "Mike Willy" Cyrus' nickname for producer/pal Mike WiLL. Is no less ridiculous than the way he capitalizes his last name.

» "The Movement" Catch-all term for Miley's plan for global conquest. It involves "an army, moving at once, pushing the boundaries." Should NATO know about this?

» "Normal Things" Things non-famous people do on a regular basis. According to Miley, this includes "picking up dog poop in a park," "having lunch."

» "Sketch" Disparaging term for anything that does not live up to Miley's exacting standards of quality. Her rehearsals for "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" are deemed "sketch," because Cyrus was feeling under the weather. And wearing the tiniest shirt in the universe.

» "Turnt Up" To be in a state of arousal, inebriation, or both. In Miley's world, seemingly everything and everyone is "turnt up."