Ariana Grande Drops 'Pink Champagne' And Has 'Cool, Weird Things' On The Way

Grande opens up to MTV News about the 'experimental' songs she cooked up with Mac Miller.

Ariana Grande may have dropped her chart-topping debut album, Yours Truly, back in September, but the 20-year-old singer and Nick star is already giving fans more new music.

In addition to hitting the studio for February's follow-up album, Grande also premiered a previously unreleased track, "Pink Champagne."

"I cannot believe I have 10 million followers on Twitter. That's the craziest thing in the world," she said in a video. "So as a 'thank you' I wanted to give you guys this song, which I know you love and makes you so happy. It's a fetus song. I recorded it when I was about 17. This is a rough, rough, rough, rough and it's really ancient, but you know how I feel about my fetus music."

To "satisfy" her fans who wanted it on the debut album, she decided to drop it earlier this week. The track is a peppy pop tune that bounces with upbeat lyrics like "Make it pop like Pink Champagne/ In the purple rain/ Gonna paint, paint, paint the city/ We're gonna show off all our pretty, pretty/ In a pink champagne."

When MTV News spoke to Grande earlier this year, she opened up a bit about songs she recorded around the time of Yours Truly, weighing in on if they would ever see the light of day, especially tunes she recorded with Mac Miller, who appeared on "The Way."

"No, you know the kind of music that Mac and I make is kind of experimental and weird and, like, it's super cool. I would love to put it out somewhere, maybe I'll talk to him. We'll put it online or something for download or something," she said.

"The fun thing about my friendship with Malcolm is that when I go over and hang out with him, I get to make music with him that I wouldn't necessarily make for my album. We get to experiment and do cool, weird things," she continued, adding they worked on a song called "You and Me." "I get to sing different ways and add tons and tons and tons of vocals and harmonies and just make cool music. He's such a great guy."

Next up for Grande, she will reportedly drop "Right There" featuring Big Sean as her next single.

"I love it. I can't say it's one of my favorites on the album because they're all my favorites, but it's really cool and he killed it," she said of working with the Detroit MC on the song. "I love his verse."