Rihanna Takes Over Twerking Throne In 'Pour It Up' Video

Have you ever seen twerking on water? You're about to.

There's twerking... and then there's the twerking Rihanna and her crew of female dancers pull off in her "Pour It Up" video, which premiered on Wednesday (October 2) after several days of eye-catching teasers.

Rihanna serves as a stripping ringleader in the dreamy and dark visual which takes place in a surreal strip club, where the ladies twerk and pole dance over a pool of water. Rihanna not only takes to the pole herself — sporting a long, curly wig and white fringed one-piece — but also oversees her underworld, makes it rain and twerks from an ornate throne.

And if you needed one more buzzworthy moment, she gives it to you. The video closes out with a close-up on the singer twerking in water while smoking a cigarette.

Of course, before the video even premiered, Rihanna was boasting all about the video's eyebrow-raising chorography that pays homage to strip clubs. "I bet you never seen bitches twerk on water. My bitches twerk on water," she said in a behind-the-scenes featurette for the video, which Rihanna directed. The video also features appearances from dancers Nicole "The Pole" Williams, Candace Cane and Secret Moneii. As for the video's treatment, Rih added that it's a "No-basic zone. No basics."

Shortly after Rihanna debuted the clip, her Navy quickly offered up their reviews of it on Twitter. Their takeaway? It's "perfect" and Rihanna is "everything."

Of course, Rihanna was thankful for all the love for the video, her latest clip off her 2012 album release, Unapologetic.