George Clooney's Worst Nightmare: Nipples

Hitting the 'Gravity' red carpet, MTV News found out which is more uncomfortable: the Bat-suit, or his space-suit.

Nobody told George Clooney about the nipples.

Though the star was hitting the red carpet for the New York premiere of "Gravity," MTV News' Josh Horowitz took the time to find out just which suit was more uncomfortable, a space-suit or the Bat-suit.

"Bat-suit," said Clooney definitively, putting to rest the idle daydreams of a thousand astronauts. "Let's face it: the space suit was just uncomfortable for me, the Bat-suit was uncomfortable for all of the world."

Other things that are uncomfortable for Clooney? Big effects-driven movies like "Gravity," because they're "not my style." Since the disaster that was "Batman and Robin," Clooney has chosen to stay with more character-driven, smaller films. And though "Gravity" is, at its heart, an actor's piece, the space setting demanded an intense amount of work with FX from director Alfonso Cuaron. So what kept Clooney going on the set?

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"Being there with Sandy [Bullock] made it really fun," said Clooney. "We were old, old friends, we've been friends a long time. It's fun to be around her, it's fun to watch what she's become over the years."

Wrapping things up, Horowitz asked Clooney about what an actor's worst nightmare is, and Clooney managed to bring it all back around: "Pretty much wearing a Bat-suit. They put nipples on the damn thing. I didn't even know it until the film came out."

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Expressing shock, Horowitz asked, "You didn't see the nipples?"

Showing how you can't move your neck in the Bat-suit, Clooney quipped, "You can't bend like this when you're Batman."

Now nobody tell him there are nipples on his "Gravity" space-suit, too.