Your Move, Miley: Rihanna Boasts 'My Bitches Twerk On Water'

Rihanna takes fans behind the scenes of her upcoming 'Pour It Up' video, which she says stays firmly in the 'no-basic zone.'

Rihanna may be queen of the night in her upcoming video for "Pour It Up," but she's invited a few other sexy ladies to the party. And she's personally introducing us to each of them in new behind-the-scenes footage from the clip.

"This beast right here, Nicole is f---ing amazing. She just killed," she said of Nicole "The Pole" Williams, before breaking down the talents of the other dancers featured in the darkly sexy clip, which the singer directed herself.

"And now Candace [Cane] is going to get a turn to do some sexy s---, and then we have to get Secret Moneii. Her ass is just its own life," she added of the well-endowed woman. "We got her a dressing room and then we got her ass another dressing room."

Conceptually, the video seems to be pretty straightforward, with the women pole dancing and twerking. But they aren't just twerking. "I bet you never seen bitches twerk on water. My bitches twerk on water," Rihanna said of the video's choreography. "No-basic zone. No basics."

A release date hasn't been set yet for the video, but Rihanna has been teasing the video all week. And on Tuesday night she dropped a few more images, including one of her learning how to pole dance. "My first pole lesson! #pouritup #bts," she wrote, before taking fans along to the lesson on Instagram.