Drake's 'Wu-Tang Forever' Remix Gave Wu-Tang Clan MC Lyrical 'Diarrhea'

U-God tells MTV News he spit 'some rawness' on the upcoming track and confirms most of the Wu will feature too.

Drake's Wu-roots run a little deeper than just track 4 on his new Nothing Was the Same album.

For those who paid close attention, Drizzy dropped a number of references to Wu-Tang Clan on his album. Of course, there's the NWTS song "Wu-Tang Forever"

— whose title is borrowed from the name of the crew's sophomore album — then there's Timbaland's "C.R.E.A.M." interpolation, an Ol' Dirty Bastard reference on "Worst Behaviour," and a shout to Cappadonna on the album-opening "Tuscan Leather."

That shout-out to Cap wasn't at all random though. According to Clan member U-God, Champagne Papi and the Papi Wardrobe King have a bit of history.

"Cappadonna did a song with Drake before y'all even knew Drake. That's why [Drake] respects certain dudes. Cap still got the song, he got the record," U-God told MTV News last Thursday of the unreleased song. "He still got it in the stash."

Some Wu-fans were critical of Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever," taking issue with Drizzy's singing on a track that was dedicated to the Staten Island rap group. U-God, for one, though was grateful for the acknowledgement of the group who dropped their 1993 debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), 20 years ago.

And he'll get to show his appreciation when the remix of "Wu-Tang Forever" comes down, featuring most, if not all, of the group's members. "Me, Cappa and Masta Killa, we went in," U-God bragged of the already recorded verses.

"Diarrhea, dookie all on it," he laughed to further drive home his excitement.

God, who dropped his fourth solo album, The Keynote Speaker, in July, said he only had a short time to write and record his rugged verse while he and the Wu were on the road in Europe. "We only had like two hours in the studio to write this joint because we were on a tour when we got the remix," he explained. "I didn't get a joint to marinate on it too tough, so I just threw my dart how I felt. I was sayin' some murderous sh--, I was sayin' some rawness on there."

When asked, U-God was unsure if Inspectah Deck would make the final version of the remix. "I don't know man. Deck, I don't know," U-God said in an attempt to explain his groupmate's position. "Every cup of tea ain't for everybody."

Deck, however, confirmed to HipHopDX.com that he wouldn't appear on the final version, explaining that he didn't think the original track was a tribute to the Clan. "I felt the title should be something else and not 'Wu-Tang Forever,' " he said.