Are Rihanna's Heels Made Of Money? Check Out Her 'Pour It Up' Photos

The singer teases more risqué looks from up her upcoming video off her Unapologetic album.

Rihanna was only getting started when she teased out some looks from her upcoming "Pour It Up" video over the weekend. The Unapologetic singer was back on set Monday night and into Tuesday, sharing with her Navy some more revealing shots from the visual.

And it looks like this is not a low-budget clip. The singer's seen wearing a diamond bra and barely-there denim cut-offs paired with some sky-high platforms that look to be plastered with money. While the concept is still a bit mysterious, the video will feature Rihanna writhing around on an ornate throne, with a fur coat thrown on it, in a sparse room that has just water on the floor.

She also sports another look in that same set-up, this time pairing the diamond bra with lacy red underwear and a denim, cut-off thong layered over the top. Also, she's swapped out the money heels for some Lucite platforms.

"Pour It Up," a stripper anthem, is the latest release of 2012's Unapologetic. Rihanna is directing the video herself.

"I did multiple records for her. I did the stadium-[sounding] record and, of course, I had to do a record like 'Pour It Up,' because it was that turn-up," Mike Will explained to MTV News last year about working on the track with Rih, adding it recalls another track he helped produce. "It kinda has like a [Juicy J] 'Bandz a Make Her Dance' feel to it, but it still has Rihanna's own hop."