Justin Timberlake's Looong 20/20 Album: What Else Can You Do In 74 Minutes?

You could have watched the whole 'Breaking Bad' finale or flown to New York City in the time it takes for one listen.

If you took seven years off, you'd probably have a lot to say too. That might explain why the two albums Justin Timberlake has released this year each push past the 70-minute mark. In fact, his just-released The 20/20 Experience — 2 Of 2, runs to the very edge of available space on a CD, 74-plus minutes.

But just how long will it take for you to digest the second part of Timberlake's ode to love, sex and everything in between? We were curious too, so we did a bit of numbers-crunching to find out what else you could do in the time it takes (74:25) to give The 20/20 Experience — 2 Of 2 a listen.

Here are some other things you could do in an hour and 14 minutes:

» Listen to Kanye West's whole BBC Radio 1 interview and watch the two Jimmy Kimmel bits that sent 'Ye into a rage last week.

» Get all the way through JT's debut, Justified (63:15) once, and then listen to "Señiorita" and "Like I Love You" again, with two minutes left over to grab a sandwich.

» No joke, you could fly between New York City and Boston in less than 74 minutes. Passing through security, however, is a different story.

» At six seconds each, you could make 740 Vines. Just spare your friends and don't make all of them "smack cams," OK?

» Get a mani, pedi (candy corn nail art, of course, because Halloween is just around the corner) and 14-minute chair massage.

» In the time it takes to listen to JT's two 20/20 albums, you can head to the movies. "Don Jon" looks good. And you'll have time to douse your popcorn in butter and revel in the previews.

» Take 74 new selfies for Instagram, or if that's too much, maybe just double-tap 74 of your best friend's photos. He'll appreciate your notification spam.

» Run a 10K, and don't forget to factor in stretch time.

» You almost have enough time to listen to Lorde and Haim's album — both came out Monday (September 30) as well. With Lorde's Pure Heroine clocking in at 37:08 and Haim's Days Are Gone timed at 42:54, Timberlake took all of that time just for one album.

» Have your palm read seven times, i.e. enough to find out whether you'll meet seven handsome husbands or earn seven fortunes.

» Have you given up on getting past level 165 of Candy Crush yet? Clean up some of your phone's apps and then download 74 new ones!

» Watch MTV's Miley Cyrus documentary, "Miley: The Movement,"on Wednesday with plenty time left over to re-screen the "Wrecking Ball," "We Can't Stop" and "23" videos.

» Fire up the "Breaking Bad" finale waiting on your DVR and order some Los Pollos Hermanos on Seamless. KFC works too.