'This Is The End' Blooper Reel: Exactly As Hilarious As You Hope

The exclusive clip from the upcoming Blu-ray gives a peek at the insanity on set.

"This Is the End" is just one of those movies that immediately make you think there must be a hilarious blooper reel somewhere. Whenever friends who are this funny get together to make a movie, things are bound to get crazy on set, and MTV News is giving you an exclusive look with a blooper reel from the "This Is the End" Blu-ray, which hits store shelves on Tuesday.

The apocalyptic comedy was born out of a short film that co-director Seth Rogen made with Jay Baruchel about being stuck together during the end of the world. When Rogen decided with his writing and directing partner Evan Golberg to adapt the short into a feature, they knew that they had to do things differently in order to make the movie as funny as possible.

"I'm shocked that everyone is here. When we came up with the idea of having a movie where a bunch of the guys that we think are funny and do movies with are in it together, it was really important to us that they're in it together a lot," Rogen told MTV News while on the set.

To maximize the funny in "This Is the End," it was important to Rogen to keep the gang together throughout the movie, so that they could riff on each other like we see in the exclusive blooper reel.

"I think a lot of movies with big casts do a thing where they break everyone up and distribute the people throughout the movie and maybe there's one scene that they're all in together. We really went out of our way to not do that. A lot of the movie is all six of us together in one room, which is just insane when we actually have all the guys together in one room. It's really hard to get them to pay attention, but once you do, they're very, very funny."

"This Is the End" hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 1.