'Breaking Bad': Rihanna, Seth Meyers, Bryan Cranston, More Weigh In On Bloody Finale

Emmy Rossum, Ed Sheeran and filmmaker Darren Aronofsky also among celeb fans bidding series goodbye.

Whether you were freaking out on the couch alone or surrounded by all your "Bad" buddies on Sunday night, rest assured you had plenty of A-list company as the historic "Breaking Bad" finale brought the story of Walter White to a bloody finish.

Unlike the open-ended sign-off of "The Sopranos," or the confusing conclusion of "Lost," the AMC meth drama gave fans what they were looking for by sending White off into TV history with finality and purpose.

You couldn't not have a reaction, and even the stars were blown away by the end of the saga of Walt and Jesse. Seth Meyers was just grateful for getting five seasons of the show, tweeting simply, "Thanks, 'Breaking Bad.'"

"Jersey Shore" star Vinny Guadagnino was also feeling gracious, writing, "#ThankYouBreakingBad for the best show I've ever watched." A former star of the series, Giancarlo Esposito wasn't in the finale, but he also had props for how the show wrapped up its epic story. "BREAKING BAD !!!!! Excellence personified !!!" he wrote.

Another co-star, JR Mitte, did appear in the episode, but even he was camped out in front of his TV to view it in real time. "I just saw the last episode and it was so amazing an I hope you all love it as much as we did filming this amazing show," he said. "Thank you everyone."

Mr. White himself, actor Bryan Cranston, was also humble and thankful for all the attention "Bad"'s ending generated. "Well, this is it," he wrote. "The last episode of 'Breaking Bad.' Thank you for sharing this ride with me. Without you we never would have lasted."

Saul Goodman himself, actor Bob Odenkirk," said in an Instagram video that he found the show's sign-off, "Deeply satisfying."

Rihanna was just speechless, tweeting, "#Br #Ba," along with a drawing of a tatted-out Mr. White holding a handful of his iconic blue meth. While Ed Sheeran said, yeah, he possibly tuned in, too. "Might've stayed up to watch breaking bad finale," he admitted.

"Beautiful Creatures" star Emmy Rossum said she couldn't imagine a world without the series. "#GoodbyeBreakingBad is breaking my heart," she lamented. "I'm not ready for this. I binge watched over the summer & I'm not ready for it to be over! Okay. Sushi is ordered. Dog and cat are cuddling. I am caffeinated. Ready for #BreakingBad to rock my world. Sundays won't be the same."

Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky knows from drama, but even he was grieving the end of the line. "Almost like losing a good friend," he wrote. "Congrats to @BreakingBad_AMC a historic run."