TomorrowWorld 2013: Indie EDM Artists The Knocks, Ghost Beach Ramp Up Kitsune's Party

French record label Kitsuné brings a fresh sound to Georgia by giving artists like Plastic Plates and Cassian a spot in the festival.

CHATTAHOOCHEE HILLS, Georgia — It's day two at the first TomorrowWorld festival in Chattahoochee, Georgia. And while veterans like Tiësto and Sebastian Ingrosso held down the circus at the colossal main stage, a much different party was taking place deep in the woods of Georgia. Catering to those seeking a vibe that one might hear at a Brooklyn underground spot, the French music and fashion label Kitsuné plays host to three days of indie dance bliss with artists like The Knocks, Ghost Beach, Plastic Plates and Cassian.

Formed in 2002, Kitsuné aims to explore the artistic place where music and fashion meet. While the brand does technically already have a worldwide presence with stores in Paris, Tokyo and New York, they still saw another unique way to go global when presented with a chance to be part of the legendary Tomorrowland brand, from which the U.S. festival TomorrowWorld evolved.

"TomorrowWorld has provided a good platform, top quality production, and basically gave complete creative freedom for three days," said Brett Kincaid, a spokesperson for the company. "It was a good opportunity to take Kitsuné's creative vision and curatorial power and take it to a broader audience. It's a chance for Kitsuné to show a more niche sound for people may have not heard or know about it."

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Brett noted that all of the DJs on the lineup were friends and family of the label and that anyone who was available jumped on the opportunity to be a part of the show.

Electro-pop duo Ghost Beach, who usually perform with a full band, took a break from their traditional live set to come spin the party. The band also owns and operates their own record label, Crazy Heart Records, and mentioned that they look to the Kitsuné model for inspiration when building the business.

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"We're super excited to play the Kitsuné, stage today because I think their label is awesome, " said Josh Ocean of Ghost Beach. "When we were starting our label Crazy Heart Records, I think that a lot of what Kitsuné does is a cool model for us to look at when were thinking about how we were going to release stuff and how they do stuff with singles and remix packages." He added, "They have very unique artwork. So it's a cool brand to be working with, especially at TomorrowWorld."

The Kitsuné party will be continuing all weekend at TomorrowWorld. Make sure to stop by and check it out!