'Breaking Bad': What Won't Happen In Tonight's Series Finale

It's been impossible to predict what will happen, so we take a crack at the opposite.

It all ends tonight, and we're not quite ready to let go of Walter, Jesse and pretty much every aspect of "Breaking Bad."

This entire last set of episodes has had millions guessing what will happen to Walt when it's all said and done, but what might be easier than predicting the will of series creator Vince Gilligan is to guess what won't happen. There are a few things we're pretty sure we won't see tonight, so let's get our final predictions in before it's too late.

Uncle Jack And Todd Ride Off Into The Sunset

In its five-season run, "Breaking Bad" has never given us a set of villains as disgusting and irredeemable as these two pieces of trash. The Cousins had the benefit of seeming robotic, motivated by revenge. But the neo-Nazis that are making life a living hell for Jesse and Walter have an evilness to them that is simple and human, the kind of bad guys that make the real-life drug trade much worse than anything we've seen on a TV show.

A "Happy" Ending For Walt

That phone call you saw in "Granite State" between Walter and Walter Jr. was him hitting yet another low with his family. Junior wouldn't even take money from Heisenberg, knowing vaguely what had happened to Hank. Despite everything that has happened, it's worth looking back to what Walter said in the pilot. "There are going to be things that you come to learn about me in the next few days. I just want you to know that no matter how it may look, I only had you in my heart." The only way Walter's family could be more lost to him is if they died. Even if that's unlikely, there's no winning his family back, regardless of how redemptive the finale is for him.

An "Unhappy" Ending For Jesse

To be completely clear, we've already seen this happen. Andrea's death presented a new low for a character that has most unfortunately been saddled with the role of being perhaps Heisenberg's greatest victim. As he told Walter in the great season-three episode "One Minute," everything that Jesse has ever loved has been taken away from him as a direct result of his partnership with Walter. He lost his family, Jane, his freedom and now Andrea. With Brock still a loose end in that storyline, the boy could be Jesse's key to a post-Walter life.

The Badass Schwarzenegger-Style Shootout You Want

The pieces are sure set for it. Walter has an M60 in the truck, ricin in his pocket and nothing left to lose. How could the finale not feature Walter letting loose on Jack and Todd's Nazi compound? But that's never been Walter's style. Despite some successes with bombing the nursing home and the synchronized prison hits, Walter's plans usually don't go off without a hitch. A big shootout might be his intention, but Walter's track record is not in his favor.

People Tweet "I Totally Called It"

If they do, they're lying. The only thing that's been predictable about this last set of episodes is its unpredictability. Who could have called Andrea's death or Walter's fake confession or anything else that happened? Even as sure as we are that you won't see anything on this list, we could be 100 percent wrong. And that wouldn't disappoint us one bit.