Kanye V. Kimmel Rages On: Now 'Fashion Consultants' Are Entering The Fray

West lets his pal respond to Jimmy Kimmel's latest barbs, meanwhile JK challenges West to a rap battle.

In the fourth and final segment of his epic BBC Radio interview, Kanye West preached pacifism, telling Zane Lowe, "Let's push forward as a civilization. ... [We're] apt to get into a fight this quick for the dumbest reasons."

But 'Ye got the gloves out after Jimmy Kimmel mocked the interview Wednesday on his late-night TV show. Launching into a classic, ALL-CAPS RANT on Twitter, the rapper called out the late night host. For his part, Kimmel responded by reading West's tweets on Thursday night's show — joking, "Finally, I'm in a rap feud" — before making a few more cracks at Kanye's expense, then moved on.

The feud wasn't over though, because rather than respond to Kimmel's latest round of barbs, on Friday (September 27), Kanye let his friend Jibril Durimel do it for him. (Jibril, along with his twin brother Jalan, works in "creative directing, photography and filmmaking, collaborative designing [and] brand and fashion consulting," according to his bio.)

Under the heading "COMMENT FROM JIBRIL DURIMEL," West posted across several tweets, a statement that read, in part: "I'm really against what Jimmy K. did with that parody. Like Kanye said, finally someone speaks some inspirational and real words ... and JK comes with this. It's simple, mediocre dreamers [who] think this is humorous, but all Kanye is saying in the interview is to dream to be the best. If more people actually listened they'd grow wiser after listening to the interview. Jimmy K is the EVIL guy trying to keep people in a boz and not want more out of themselves. He does this by making fun of real dreamers."

West also posted a link to a Slate article that called Kimmel's sketch "ignorant and stupid" and re-tweeted a message from artist-management legend Irving Azoff, who said Kimmel's comments were "uncalled for and show[ed] that you still don't understand the big time."

Kimmel has largely kept quiet, though he did tweet that he wants to challenge Kanye to a "rap battle," before adding the hashtag #Iplaytheclarinet."