'Glee' Premiere Recap: Beatles, A Secret Relationship And A Proposal!

Season five begins with Rachel and Santana in NYC and the New Directions sorting out relationship drama.

Gleeks! It's here. Season five of "Glee" kicked off with reunions, second chances and — SPOILER ALERT — a proposal. And what better to way to start the very first episode than with the music of the Beatles.

The show started off with Rachel walking the lonely strip of 44th Street in New York City, looking at all the theaters she hopes to star in. Unfortunately, she hasn't made it yet, but this episode sets the scene for her chance in the Big Apple. Santana waitresses with her in a restaurant, giving a little sassy hope: "We can say we're working actresses." When Rachel serves the table of a man whom she had auditioned with, she vowed to prove herself to him. Which, in the "Glee" jargon, means breaking out into "A Hard Day's Night" in the middle of the diner.

Unfortunately, there was no Demi Lovato in this episode, but the teaser at the end looked particularly promising.

Meanwhile, back at McKinley High, things are going pretty well between Kitty and Artie — except one thing... Kitty wants to keep things on the DL. Sure, they're "official," and while Artie just wants to change his Facebook status (or hell, be seen together in public), Kitty has to keep up her cred with the Cheerios. In private, they sing "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away," but you'd never see them walking to class together.

With a boost from Tina, who blabs about the secret relationship in a New Directions rehearsal, calling the coupling "emotional abuse," Kitty finally comes clean, apologizes and resolves to expose their relationship to the scorn of the Cheerios. Who cares if Artie isn't her "normal body type?"

Or course, Sue Sylvester is up to her usual antics (like dumping a bucket of taco meat on the floor for the janitor — yuck!). But this time, she promises not to fire Glee director Will Schuester and swim coach Roz Washington on the terms that they both win national championships. Good luck with that, guys!

Blaine and Kurt are back together. And Blaine promises he'll never cheat again. Carrying out that promise, he decides to show his commitment with a marriage proposal. But this is not any proposal; "I want this to be a cultural statement," he tells the team, convincing them to round up opposing singing clubs like the Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline with a quick rendition of "Help!"

In the end, Kurt foresees his upcoming "surprise" proposal and gets cold feet. But with an emotional pep talk from his dad, who says he wished he met his late wife sooner, he heads to Blaine. All the usual suspects were there singing "All You Need Is Love" — Rachel and Santana even left work early to catch a plane back — as they all welcomed Kurt down a spiral staircase to face Blaine. And when he answered "yes" to the big question, confetti poured from the ceiling and there was celebration all around.

"Glee" will return next week with another Beatles-filled episode, and on October 10, the show will pay tribute to the late castmember Cory Monteith.