Juicy J Still Waking Up From His Justin Bieber 'Dream'

Juicy tells MTV News working with Bieber on 'Lolly' may just be a figment of his imagination.

Wondering what it was like on set for Justin Bieber, Juicy J and Maejor Ali as they filmed the "Lolly" video together? It was as much the big party you'd imagine it to be.

Juicy broke down to MTV News what it was like to film the colorful clip, which features hot dancers and enough shots of a shirtless Bieber to keep his fans clicking over and over. "The video is super-amazing, man. We had a great time. We turnt up the whole time. [There was] a lot of energy, so I think the song is a smash," the Stay Trippy rapper dished. "I think it's going to do great."

Juicy can't say enough kind words about Bieber's work on the track. On it, instead of cooing about puppy love, the 19-year-old rhymes about swiping someone else's girlfriend. "I heard his verse [before I recorded]. He's got a dope verse," he said. "Justin Bieber is super talented."

Bieber is hardly the only pop star he's trading rhymes with. He also appears alongside Miley Cyrus on the Mike Will Made It track, "23," on which she, too, is rapping. (Cyrus will be the subject of her own MTV documentary, "Miley: The Movement,", set to premiere on October 2.)

And Juicy is all about the current trend of pop stars trying their hand at the rap game. "I think it's just good music, just put out good music," he said. "When you get it on the radio, get in the clubs and the research comes back great, then you're good. It's going up [the charts], so I see nothing wrong with it."

In addition to working with Cyrus and Bieber, and dropping his new album, Stay Trippy, he also appears alongside Katy Perry on her Prism track, "Dark Horse." And the rapper is very excited by all the projects he's involved in these days. "Man, real talk, it's like a dream man," he said. "A dream that I ain't woke up [from] yet. Everything is going so great. I can't complain."