Miley Cyrus' (Imaginary) eBay Store: 10 Things You Can Bid On!

If the pop star is in fact building an online shopping empire, here's a bunch of stuff we think she's got lying around in storage! Miley may be selling a camera on eBay, and why should she stop there?

Miley Cyrus may be on eBay, y'all!

According to several reports, Miley apparently tweeted — then deleted — a link to a "barely used" Nikon camera on the site, urging her fans to "BUY MY OLD CAMERA."

There's still been no official word if the eBay user selling the Nikon SLR camera, "getit555," actually is Cyrus. Though, if it's legit, she's been buying and selling on the site since November 2007, purchasing stuff like textbooks, while offloading headphones, jeans and at least one "vintage cowgirl shirt" (which, the buyer added "was not a women's medium, but child's size").

Oh, and with the current bid sitting at more than $80,000, the star of MTV's "Miley: The Movement" documentary may make a bundle on the camera.

If it turns out the seller is in fact Miley, she's got a pretty lucrative thing going. And if she's looking to build on her eBay Empire, here's a bunch of stuff we'd like to imagine she's got lying around in storage that could be sold to the highest bidder. Sure, the music career is going extremely well, but it's never a bad idea to diversify. Like the old saying goes, one woman's trash is another man's treasure.

» A gigantic Teddy Bear backpack thingy

» Like, a hundred tongue depressors

» Her hospital gown from that one episode of "Hannah Montana" where she's in a coma, because that was totally a classic

» Game-worn, cut-off shorts, complete with certificate of authenticity.

» An actual wrecking ball (Note: can only be sent via freight)

» The (traumatized?) "Miley" Barbie doll from the "We Can't Stop" video

» Alternate cover of Bangerz, which is just Miley wearing a really nice pantsuit from Ann Taylor.

» A DVD copy of "So Undercover"

» Her locks, shorn while she slept by the temptress Delilah.

» "101 Twerking Puns" book, for writers struggling to meet deadlines