Paris Hilton And Birdman Getting Married?

Paris and Baby might just tie the knot, they said on MTV's 'RapFix Live.'

If you thought that Cash Money Records and Paris Hilton was an unlikely pairing, just wait until you hear what the heiress is planning next.

Hilton and Cash Money CEO Birdman walked onto the "RapFix Live" set on Wednesday and had a cute moment after a fan asked: "If you had to marry one rapper who would it be?"

Paris laughed and without hesitation looked to her right and pointed out the #1 Stunna. "The boss," she said jokingly.

Now, there's no actual romance between the two. The only marriage that the pair has planned is the marriage of their musical styles. They announced their deal back in May. On October 1, Hilton will drop "Good Time," her new single from forthcoming CM album, which also happens to feature the label's flagship artist Lil Wayne.

Cash Money has risen from a local New Orleans rap label to one of the biggest forces in music, boasting a diverse roster that includes rappers like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake and Tyga, as well as rocker Limp Bizkit and pop sensation Austin Mahone. For the 2013 evolved version of the company, Bird says Hilton fits right in.

"We're hustlers, we love money and she's already great I think. We're music and when we put that combination together it's special. We turned something good into something great," Baby argued against detractors. "When she came and played her music for me, I was taken away, I was excited. I was surprised, I didn't know what to expect when I first heard it but when I heard it I was like it was something I'd love to work with."