Britney Spears Is 'About To Show All These Bitches How It's Done'

Director Ben Mor tells MTV News that Spears is using her 'Work Bitch' video to 'take back her throne.'

Stand at attention! Britney Spears is more fierce than ever, and she's using her upcoming "Work Bitch" video to prove it to the Britney Army.

MTV News spoke to director Ben Mor, who also worked on Brit's "Scream & Shout" video, said her fans will be "floored" when they finally get to see it.

"You're gonna get to see a lot of Britney that you haven't seen in a long time. A lot of different wardrobe changes, a lot of different setups," he said of what he described as a dance video. "It's one of the more ambitious Britney videos in a while, I guess."

Fans already know that Spears headed out to the desert to film parts of the visual, but Mor revealed that those scenes only paint part of the picture.

"I think there's a few varied locations. There's a desert exterior, daytime location. There's another very unique location that involves water and just really beautiful architectural pieces," he said. "I won't reveal too much but [there's] a unique location that I'm excited to share. Then you have a kind of really modern interior, like house, like sleek interior that serves as the hero dance routine location, even though she dances in most all of the locations," he added. "And then there's a lot of good cutaways, more intimate type cutaways within those locations."

While Britney has certainly opted for story-based videos in the past, Mor said that this clip is more of a "theme ... rather than a narrative," he added, "This one is basically [saying] 'The queen is back and she's about to show all these bitches how it's done.' It's her being really fierce and taking back her throne in a way."

"Work Bitch" is the lead single off Spears' December 3 album release.