Pusha T And Chris Brown's 'Sweet Serenade' Is Anything But Sweet: Watch Exclusive Set Visit!

MTV News watches as Push and CB get dark depicting a 'harsh' past in their new video.

Pusha T has a deep and dark past that didn't always include platinum plaques and VMA performances. So now that the Clipse MC is getting set to release his solo debut album, My Name is My Name, he's ready for a little celebration. Except the album's first official single "Sweet Serenade" is anything but — and its upcoming video follows suit.

"'Sweet Serenade,' it doesn't sound really sweet. It's pretty dark so to capture that we came and shot on the beach at night time, bonfire," Push told MTV News on Monday from his video shoot at Playa del Rey in California.

The track and Colin Tilley-directed video features Chris Brown, who delivers a glass-high toast on the song's hook. "C'mon let's toast the champagne, this one's for the life," he sings in dark and muted vocals.

"I like Chris, Chris has an edge to him that's very real; he's a real person, he goes through real situations," Push said of his latest collaborator. "Me and Chris are just two passionate artists about our craft, and we actually give a damn."

For Pusha, though, "Sweet Serenade" is the long exhale after making it past a street life with serious consequences. "It's basically celebrating the fact that we've made it this far," he explained. "We've been through so much, me and my friends. We've been around some of the worst things, the worst environments, we've lived through some really harsh times and we're still here and we're celebrating that."

Then when My Name is My Name is finally released on October 8, you can bet Push will celebrate just a little bit more — after all, he's promising something very big. "It's definitely gonna be the hip-hop album of the year. It's the rap album of all rap albums," he promised.