Hashtag Inventor Responds To Justin Timberlake And Fallon Skit: ‘What Have I Done?’

Chris Messina tells MTV News the 'Late Night' skit may be a preview of a 'terrifying' future.

How often do you use hashtags? To punctuate the occasional #deepthought? Or more like #every other #word?

On Tuesday night’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” Fallon and guest star Justin Timberlake made fun of the now-ubiquitous pound sign and its tendency to creep into our verbal musings, a skit that the founder of the hashtag Chris Messina speculates could be “a depiction of what the future is going to look like, which may be terrifying to some.”

In the skit, Fallon and Timberlake catch up on mundane subjects like cookies and TV shows, the number of hashtags in their speech increasing until their conversation is rendered nearly gibberish. The bit is a stark sign of our very immediate times, as the hashtag has only been used as such since 2007, when Messina introduced the # into the Twitter lexicon as a way to make the social service easier to navigate. “how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?” Messina tweeted — thereby introducing a convention that launched a thousand trending topics about Miley’s tongue.

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