Walk The Moon Letting 'Anna Sun' Set On New Album

'We don't want to play 'Anna Sun' over and over again,' WTM tell MTV News about their new record.

Walk The Moon certainly don't want "Anna Sun" to set just yet — after all, it's their biggest hit to date — though, as they begin work on their new album, they are looking to move past the song.

"We definitely don't want to just play 'Anna Sun' over and over again, with different lyrics, we want to move forward," guitarist Eli Maiman told MTV News. "The first record was written during the first 20-some years of our lives, and now we're in a totally different place emotionally and physically and spiritually. And I think the songs will translate some of that growth and maturity, hopefully."

Ultimately, that will be up to the fans to decide. Because Walk The Moon have been road-testing those new songs during their current tour, and when they hit the studio later this year to record their album, crowd response is definitely going to weigh heavily into their decisions.

"For the first time in a few years, we spent like six weeks at home, we spent the whole summer writing, trying to do our fans proud for the next record," frontman Nicholas Petricca said. "So this tour has been very exciting for us, because we've been able to try out a lot of new music before we go into the studio and record it, which can inform you about what works and what doesn't in a song."

Currently, the goal is to begin recording in November, with a new album set to hit stores next year. Though that might change, because at the moment, WTM aren't thinking that far ahead; they're more interested in enjoying one last run on the road before sequestering themselves in the studio ... which, as it turns out, has been something of a victory lap.

"This is our biggest tour, both in terms of the rooms that we're playing, and in terms of the production we're bringing along; we have more dudes traveling along with us, more beards, and we've got these really crazy light-up trees and lights, and that's really exciting for us," Maiman said. "And I think it's also a good way to ease the new songs into the set, because they're not just under bar lights, they're under blinking, flashing, crazy lights, that helps us sell the fact that we can write songs."