Kim Kardashian Lands 'American Dad' Role As An Alien In Love

The reality star lands an out-of-this-world cameo on the Fox show.

Kim Kardashian is out of this world! Or, at least she'll be from another planet when she appears on the animated Fox show, "American Dad" later this season.

The reality starlet has landed a cameo role on "American Dad." During her one-episode stint on the show, she'll play a furry space creature who lands up in Langley Falls. Her alien character will fall for and end up in a relationship with another alien, the show's Roger, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Kim isn't the only A-lister set to stop by the show this season. Zooey Deschanel, Olivia Wilde, Alison Brie and Stanley Tucci have all booked appearances on the series, which premieres September 29 on Fox.

While Kim is best known for her work in reality TV, she has booked several other acting gigs in the past, including roles on TV shows like "Drop Dead Diva," "30 Rock," "Brothers," "Beyond the Break" and "CSI: NY." She also hit the big screen earlier this year in Tyler Perry's "Temptation."

Her "Temptation" co-star Robbie Jones gushed to MTV News about Kim's acting prowess. "She's a great person and a wonderful personality," Jones said. "She was amazing and I think a lot of people were really surprised with her work because she really held her own and she really brought it home. And she was really funny and I think she did a fantastic job."

In addition to landing another acting gig, Kim also headed back to work on her E! series, "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," tweeting about filming the Christmas episode, airing later this year.

"Long beautiful work day with the family! Shot a very fun Christmas special! Can't wait to share more later! Night! Xo," she wrote last week.