TomorrowWorld, Here We Come! Nicky Romero Dishes On Why America Is 'Ready'

For the first time, TomorrowWorld is coming to Atlanta, Georgia, so your favorite DJs tell us why we should be pumped.

This weekend marks the end of the summer music festival season, but the beginning of what's sure to be one of the biggest dance festivals in the world. The appropriately named TomorrowWorld will come Stateside for the first time ever — following in the world-renowned footsteps of its Belgian predecessor, Tomorrowland.

TomorrowWorld is the first European-turned-American festival ever, but seems long overdue for the rate festival culture is exploding onto the U.S. dance scene. Fans are definitely excited, but MTV News caught up with some of the audience's favorite performers to hear what they had to say.

Producer/DJ Nicky Romero has complete confidence, saying, "I think the American people are really ready for something like this, a European festival coming to America... I think it's going to be just as good." Bro Safari described the crossover as simply "flawless."

Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, will host the inaugural festival and 30,000 fans will camp at "Dreamville." To dubstep master Excision, one of the 300 performers at the event, the setup is really what makes this festival stand out from the others. "I think it will cross over really well. The biggest thing Tomorrowland did so well was their stages weren't just about production, they had amazing production, but also it was about art and showcasing what you can really do."

With tickets 90 percent sold out, the festival is sure to be packed and energized all day every day, delivering on the full TomorrowWorld experience. "I know a lot of my friends are open to an adventure for the weekend," DJ duo GTA explained to us. If their friends will be there, yours probably will too!

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