One Direction Fans Named 'Diana' Are Freaking Out Right Now

A new song believed to be from the guys leaked and those with the 5-letter moniker are overjoyed.

Up until recently, Diana was the goddess of the moon and hunting, an iconic princess whose death inspired Elton John's "Candle in the Wind," the queen of Motown — now, however, she's the envy of millions of unfortunately monikered Directioners. Whoever, that is, she may be.

A track titled "Diana" has leaked online, but the band has yet to confirm whether the track is official. Reminiscent of the vocal stylings of Sting and the Police, it adds another name to the list of most-envied by Directioners — right up there with "Georgia Rose" in "Best Song Ever."

On Twitter, those named "Diana" are on a full-blown gloating spree, and who can blame them? Having a song about you — however tangentially — is the dream. "MY NAME IS DIANA ONE DIRECTION HAVE A SONG CALLED DIANA THEREFORE I AM BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU AND I SHOULDNT WAIT IN LINE," tweeted fan @heroinzarry, taking an opportunistic tone. @ilovehelpingbff was just stoked to be mentioned — "@1DThisIsUs hey guys my name is diana and i loved ur song named diana it was amzing" -- and @haniDeVilliers appreciated the extra cache: "my little sister logic : one direction's new single 'Diana' is written and dedicated to me because my name is Diana. -__- i'm sickkkkkk."

Others fought for the veracity of their names in the face of doubting fans. @iCASHTONARRY said, "I'm 302% sure that my name is actually Diana bc it says it on my student ID and my credit card and birth certificate okay," while @Ellena17Diana said, "Ok, people, my name is Diana. Like, for real. I am not pretending. My full name is Diana Elena Ionescu,lol. Any more proof?" @zaynator tweeted, perhaps dubiously, "my name is officially diana now okay" with a photo meant to corroborate that fact.

There were some sour grapes out there who scoffed at the Dianas' excitement, but overall Directioners seemed amped on the name, some even joking about their future progeny. @harryhasabf wrote the following little screenplay, "'Hi my name is Diana' 'Hi I'm Georgia Rose' 'O your mom...' 'Yeah,'" and @snowystylinson shared the below snap.

Did your parents have enough foresight to name you Diana?