Will Kris Humphries Face Off With James Franco On 'The Mindy Project'?

Mindy Kaling opens up about welcoming Kim Kardashian's ex to her Fox sitcom on Tuesday.

If James Franco was poking fun at his Renaissance-man public image during the season premiere of "The Mindy Project," then Kim Kardashian's ex, Kris Humphries, is taking that idea to the next level. The basketball player and former Kardashian hubby will stop by the Fox sitcom this Tuesday (September 24), playing a hyped-up version of himself.

According to the show's star, Mindy Kaling, the Boston Celtics forward is not afraid to go there and address his very public breakup with the reality starlet. Kim and Kris finalized their divorce back in April.

"He's very natural and super-funny, and the way that he's incorporated into the script is he and [guest star] Bill Hader are in a support group with [co-star] Chris Messina. It's called the 'Getting Over It Gang' and it's a support group for men whose wives have left them," Kaling revealed to MTV News. "And the fact that Kris Humphries heard what that premise was and knew that we wanted him to play himself in it was so funny and he was so nice about it. And his chemistry with Bill Hader is so great."

Don't expect all the comedy to just take place in the support group though. There are more antics in store from Dr. Mindy and Franco's Dr. Leotard. "Well, we sort of sowed the seeds in the first episode that my character is sort of very attracted to his character. But also extremely annoyed," Kaling said. "[In] the second episode ... the professional animosity and the personal attraction really makes a big splash. And Bill Hader's in the second episode [with] Kris Humphries and it's like the whole group them. The characters come together in a really big, theatrical kind of way."

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"Originally it was scripted that I never run into [Kris], and then it was like, 'This is too good to resist. How could you not [have us meet]?" Kaling continued. "Danny [Chris Messina] has probably never seen a single episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardshians,' but Mindy probably has seen every episode, so they have a pretty brief interaction. But it's pretty memorable."

And Kaling couldn't gush enough about working with Humphries. "I think he came out kind of unscathed from that whole thing [the Kardashian relationship], and then if you see him on the show, you're like, 'This is the coolest dude ever.' Also extremely handsome and great at basketball, so those are his other great qualities," she joked.

Is she worried about what Kim might think of the episode? "I think Kim's probably pretty busy. I'm not positive Kim will be tuning in. ... I think that whole family takes everything in stride," she said.