One Direction's 'Diana': Real Or Not, Fans Left In 'Tsunami' Of Tears

Though One Direction have yet to confirm the low-quality recording, the track has become an instant fan favorite.

Today's a good day to be a One Direction fan, but it's even better if your name is Diana.

A low-quality recording of a track titled "Diana" has leaked online, but the band has yet to confirm whether the track is official, nor do we know for sure that it's them. (We reached out to 1D's label for comment but had yet to hear back at press time.) Still, fans are convinced, and the song's throwback vibe does reflect the "retro" mood the boy band recently told MTV News they were going for on the upcoming Midnight Memories.

The upbeat track seems like it was taken out of the '80s. It opens with a sound and style reminiscent to the Police's 1981 hit "Don't Stand So Close to Me" and builds over a drum beat to the chorus where the guys chant "Diana." The song also seems to take a page from Don Henley's "Boys of Summer".

"Diana, let me be the one to light a fire inside you, child/ You could love me, you don't even know me," the guys sing. "But I can feel you crying/ Diana, let me be the one to lift your heart up and save your life/ I don't think you even realize baby you'll be saving mine."

Liam Payne told MTV News last month that he hopes fans "adjust to the music" they're creating on their November 25 album, and if this leaked track is any indication, it seems like they are. Fans quickly took to Twitter to share their excitement over the track, creating hashtags #dianachangedmylife and #dianaisperfectthankyou1D.

"Is this a Tsunami or my tears after hearing #Diana ? Definitely my tears," @HBoumnide tweeted, with @stay_1d adding, "I've listens to Diana so many times it should be illegal!!! #help #dianachangemylife"

One fan liked the song so much it even prompted her to change her name to Diana... at Starbucks. "Starbucks Employee: You're name? Me: Diana. SE: Weren't you Georgia Rose last week?," @ladyinsink tweeted in reference to the name Georgia Rose featured in "Best Song Ever." "Me: Yes and if @onedirection leaks a new song..."