This Is…Icona Pop: Four New Tracks That Will Have You Saying ‘I Love It’!

'It's just such an honest album,' Caroline Hjelt told MTV News as we break down the LP's top tracks.

Icona Pop’s “I Love It” was an inescapable hit. It dominated radio play, was a covered on “Glee” and was featured on TV shows like “Snooki & JWoww” and HBO’s “Girls,” but now, the Swedish electric duo are ready to show fans so much more.

Icona Pop, who formed back in 2009, have released their first international album, a ’90s throwback a blend of punk, pop and techno that paints the picture of who Icona Pop are as artists and individuals — which is one of the reasons they titled the album, This Is…Icona Pop.

“First of all, I think it’s fun for people to get to know us more than just ’I Love It’ because ’I Love It’ is just a small part of what Icona Pop is,” Caroline Hjelt told MTV News. “It’s an album that we’ve been writing on for such a long time. It’s everything that we’ve been through, all the places, all the love, drama, everything. It’s just such an honest album — even the cover. It’s ’Hey, this is Icona Pop. We’re naked.’ ”

Aino Jawo added, “It’s a lot of love drama coming out of bad relationships, falling in love, but also it’s about these nights you never want to leave or you always go back to when you meet that handsome man in that city and you just rumble and stumble around and you just fall in love for one night.”

So which songs off This Is…Icona Pop will you be putting on replay? MTV News picked four standout tracks.

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