Daft Punk: Who Actually Inspired Random Access Memories?

The German DJ Boys Noize tells MTV News about his friendship with Thomas Bangalter, one half of Daft Punk.

Alex Rhida is no stranger to spending time with the wildly famous and talented. From hanging at Snoop's house, to spinning with Skrillex, Boys Noize is always at it. The 30-year-old German DJ recently tweeted from the studio with another industry pal of his: Thomas Bangalter, one half of electronic duo Daft Punk.

"@Boysnoize: in the studio w Thomas Bangalter playing him demos i did w @chillygonzales ! my life is complete."

We caught up with the German producer, who clarified that beyond a friendship, they have a very influential working relationship. And it turns out, he's a fan of the work he did with pianist and producer Chilly Gonzales, whose name is most recently being recognized for his work on Drake's album Nothing Was The Same.

"It was funny 'cause when I was hanging out with Thomas from Daft Punk, he was saying that the album we put out before — Chilly Gonzales' Ivory Tower (which they wrote and produced together in 2010) — that that album inspired them to make their new album," Rhida told MTV News. "I thought that was the biggest compliment I could ever get."

Since most of the electronic music community usually draws creative motivation from the French duo, this is significant praise. Boys Noize is no different though, quickly adding how Random Access Memories was inspirational not only to him, but for the genre as whole.

"With the Daft Punk album, they go totally old school. It has nothing to do with actual dance music right now; it isn't a dance album at all, but it's still considered to be," he explained. "I think that helps people to explore other music like old-school disco... if you listened to my last album there was a lot of disco."

Boys Noize is back to work on some new material once again with Gonzales. As for he and Daft Punk, we can only imagine if they're cooking up something.