Miley Cyrus Says The Wanted Are 'The Dirtiest Twerkers' She's Ever Seen

'It wasn't sexy at all,' Max George confesses to MTV News.

The Wanted certainly know a thing or two about making headlines.

The boys, who recently pushed back the release date of their upcoming album, Word of Mouth¸ to November 4, have been tabloid fodder, whether for their love lives or their boy-band beef with One Direction.

Yet the Wanted insist that not everything you read about them is true. When they stopped by MTV News to play a game we like to call "Lightning Round," a question came up about the worst rumor they'd ever heard about themselves, and Jay McGuiness was quick to set one thing straight.

"Well, I know one that wound me up, actually. Bless Lindsay Lohan, when she came out of rehab she came to see us, and the day after someone was printing that we went out and got her off the wagon on her first day out," McGuiness said of Lohan, who was romantically linked to his bandmate Max George last year. "Not at all, like she was totally cool and we were not encouraging her to be wild. Someone just wrote this huge article, made up quotes, got a source. It's like, come on, leave her alone. If you ever read 'a source,' there's no source, it's a source-less sandwich."

After clearing that up, the Wanted had some fun revealing which actors they would like to play them in a movie. George chose Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson because he's "massive" like him, and Nathan Sykes went with Sir Ian McKellen. The conversation then turned to one of the hottest topics of today: twerking.

"To be honest, I still don't know what it means," Skyes said.

They may not know what twerking is, but that apparently hasn't stopped them from doing it, even catching the attention of none other than Miley Cyrus.

"Miley Cyrus said we were the dirtiest twerkers she'd ever seen," George said.

"I think she said weirdest or most bizarre," McGuiness corrected him, with George agreeing.

"Most bizarre, that was it," George said. "It wasn't sexy at all."