Nirvana's 'Live And Loud' Concert: The Rehearsal Footage You've Never Seen

The band's legendary 'Live and Loud' concert is reissued Tuesday, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes material.

Clips of Nirvana's legendary "Live and Loud" performance have been floating around on the Internet nearly as long as there's been an Internet ... though they certainly don't give you a true feel for just how raucous and raw the show at Seattle's Pier 48 truly was.

To rectify that, MTV's full "Live and Loud" concert is being released on September 24, both as a standalone DVD and as part of the deluxe, 20th-anniversary reissue of Nirvana's In Utero album. It gives fans their first chance to witness the full, hour-plus set, not to mention exclusive, never-before-seen rehearsal footage ... all of which captures the band operating at the peak of their powers.

Last week, we unveiled moments of the "Live and Loud" performance, and today, we're bringing you a pair of those rehearsal clips: "Very Ape" and "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter."

Shot on the same day as the show (at least judging by Nirvana's onstage outfits), the footage captures both the band you know, and the one you probably don't. The former is, of course, the surly, downright serious side of the band, and it's on display here: Witness Kurt Cobain's sarcastic jab at the show's director during sound check — "We're just going to stand here until someone tells us to play" — which directly precedes him launching into the curdling opening chords of "Shifter."

But the latter is, too. Turns out, Nirvana weren't all doom and gloom, a fact those who knew them always seem to point out. Cobain spends the first portion of their "Very Ape" rehearsal absent-mindedly pounding on a drum kit located behind Dave Grohl, Par Smear jokes with bassist Krist Novoselic, and somebody has placed a ball cap on the head of the winged, transparent anatomical figure that graces the In Utero album cover. They're not exactly sunny moments, but they certainly aren't surly, either.

In short, these rehearsal moments help paint the full picture ... one that, for nearly 20 years has been incomplete. That all changes on September 24, with the release of "Live and Loud." Sit back and enjoy.