Kanye West’s ‘#1 Rockstar’ Claim Joins The Best Kanye-isms This Year

We've only heard 50 seconds of his latest interview, but it seems we're in for a lot more legendary Kanye quotables.

With such critically applauded albums as My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and 21 Grammys under his Versace belt, few would dare deny Kanye West is a hip-hop pioneer. But judging by the first utterances from his latest break of silence, that just won’t cut it for the historically, um, confident Mr. West.

Axl Rose might be scribbling an outline for his next open letter and Steven Tyler is probably screaming in a cornfield somewhere after watching a preview of West’s interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, during which he deems himself “the #1 rockstar on the planet.”

The claim shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise — in fact, it’s a pretty demure one for a man who’s called himself the nucleus. The normally reclusive MC has been pretty vocal this year, and it’s all been to remind the world that he is “complete awesomeness at all times.” Just in case you’ve forgotten, we wrapped up some of the best, most self-assured, most Kanye West Kanye West quotes this year.

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