Lady Gaga: Say ‘Hola’ To Her Little Friend In New ‘Machete Kills’ Trailer

Latest red band of star-packed Robert Rodriguez pulp film shows more of foul-mouthed baddie Mel Gibson.

La Chameleon doesn’t say much in the new red band trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s blood-spattered, all-star sequel “Machete Kills.” But when Lady Gaga’s cigarette-smoking, blonde bombshell killer does open her mouth, well, let’s just say it’s not to compliment your driving.

“Hola mother—er,” Gaga snarls to Machete as she bumps his armored-up ride off the road with her orange VW microbus, coining what could be the next “It’s Britney, bitch”-style catchphrase. It’s one of many f-bomb-tastic moments in the NSFW trailer for the movie that marks Gaga’s big-screen debut 

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