Britney Spears Should 'Always Bet On Black' In Las Vegas

Party-rocking LMFAO star Sky Blu chats with MTV News and gives Brit some advice as she heads into her Sin City residency.

Britney Spears is no stranger to performing in Las Vegas, having taken the stage there to a lot fanfare in recent years. But now she's ready to run that town. On Tuesday, she officially announced she'll kick off her two-year residency, "Britney: Piece of Me," on December 27.

For the next two years, Spears will play 50 shows a year at Planet Hollywood. And if she's looking for any advice on how to slay Vegas partygoers, LMFAO's Sky Blu has some words of wisdom for her.

"Go ahead, Britney! Always bet on black. That's the first thing," he joked to MTV News when we spoke to him a while back about rumors she could be taking on Sin City. Sky went on to offer some sound gambling advice before breaking down what makes for a unforgettable Vegas residency.

"Just make sure your show is just something to be memorable. The Beatles' Cirque du Soleil show ['Love'] is awesome. I love that," he added. "I think if people incorporate certain aspects like that into their live show, just make it a little more over the top and something that people want to come see again."

Of course, if Spears is looking for someone to collaborate with on the gig, Sky noted that he's ready to take the stage with her "anytime." Sky is, of course, a pro at entertaining Vegas crowds, having held a residency at The Bank nightclub at the Bellagio. And the "Party Rock" star knows a thing or two about how to party right in Sin City.

"Hydrate yourself; make sure you get a lot of water," Sky suggested. "Make sure you do your exercise. ... If [you're] at home and you exercise and you feeling good then you can go to Vegas and party for a weekend and have a good time.

"But if you out of shape and you just say, 'I'm keeping the party going forever,' I learned that the hard way," he continued. "I had a back problem. I learned that if you want to party, you got to train to party — health is important. After you take care of yourself, you can rage. Most important, get the health, come through, rage your face off."

Spears is putting the finishing touches on her December 3 album, and while we're not sure yet of any guest artists, the Rebel Music singer told us he would love to work with Brit. "I would love to work with anybody. It's just about people who like to create," Sky shared, " 'cause I enjoy making anything with my people."