Madonna’s ‘Just Waiting’ For Daft Punk To Call Her Back

In a Reddit AMA Monday night, Madge flirts with fans and the idea of new music in 2014.

During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) Monday night, we learned that although Madonna is totally game to let you “express yourself,” if you’re asking her on a date, she needs to see a photo first.

During one of the sassiest AMAs we’ve seen, many a fan took the opportunity to ask the material girl to be his/her “boo”/”lucky star”/various and sundry other forms of endearment. Madge’s response to each and every one of them? “Send photo.” One fan pressed further, asserting, “madonna please my beauty is on the inside xox,” to which she responded, “i still need to see it…. show me your internal beauty then.”

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