Andy Samberg Brings Beastie Boys Swag To Police Force On 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

'SNL' alum opens up to MTV News about his new sitcom, which kicks off Tuesday (September 16) on Fox.

Andy Samberg has his cuffs ready and is prepared to read you your rights. After bidding "Saturday Night Live" farewell in 2012, the comedian is back on the small screen this week in the new cops-themed sitcom, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

The comedy revolves around the kooky detectives of NYC's 99th precinct, led by Samberg's very own Jake Peralta. Their antics are called into question when they get a new captain, played by Andre Braugher, who intends on whipping them into shape. When MTV News spoke to Samberg about the show, which kicks off Tuesday (September 17) on Fox, he explained that Peralta and crew are "probably [the coolest cops] since the [Beastie Boys'] 'Sabotage' video."

Braugher explains that Captain Holt will do just about anything to bring some law and order to the 99th precinct. He explained, "Fear, force, terror, waterboarding, threats... which I'll deny. Basically I come in and try and set a mark. I say, 'We're an elite police force.' [But] I got a bunch of guys who basically have taken over their own precinct house. They run it their way and they're all very good. But we're a little out-of-bounds, and so I think I'm trying to shepherd these guys. We're knocking heads a little bit in this first pilot episode."

And, apparently the guys are really out-of-bounds. Samberg explained, "I'm out of bounds like the crowd at a basketball game; that's how out of bounds I am."

And, for fans needing yet another reason to check out the series, Samberg offered one up. "[Initially I said] 'No,' but then I was all 'How much?' No, I'm just kidding. It's Mike Schur and Dan Goor who run 'Parks and Recreation' with Amy Poehler and that insane cast," he said. "They're so great and that show's so great. So I got the call from them [and I'm like,] 'So if it's you guys, then I'm 100 percent interested.' And they told me what it was about and I was like, 'Sounds great.' "