Drake's 'Pound Cake,' 'Panera Bread' And More: A Hip-Hop Baked-Goods Love Affair!

MTV News rounds up the best breads in the game, brought to you by Rockie Fresh, Kanye West and 2 Chainz.

Before Drake's Nothing Was the Same made its way online, "Pound Cake" — along with "Tuscan Leather" — was a song title that had us wondering, "What on earth is Drizzy going to rhyme about here?" On the album-ending track, Drake leaves the confectionary rapping up to Jay, who says things like, "Cake, cake, cake, 50 million I got a pound cake," with further references to carrot cake and upside-down cake. We couldn't help but imagining Jay and Drake tying on aprons and hitting the kitchen together.

While we were scrolling through the reactions on Twitter, we couldn't help but notice another baked-goods-themed hip-hop song trending: "Panera Bread." The video for Rockie Fresh's song featuring Rick Ross debuted Monday (September 16), just a day before their MMG mixtape, Self Made Vol. 3 comes out. Not surprising for Rick Ross, who once had a profile in Bon Appetit and admitted his favorite dessert is a honey bun with a slice of cheese on top.

This got us thinking (besides wanting to head outside for a trip to Amy's Bread) — with two bake-sale-worthy trending topics, what's hip-hop's fascination with a nice, fluffy loaf? Are there other rap songs that glorify the breadstuffs?

We take you back to last Wednesday, when MTV's "RapFix Live" celebrated 2 Chainz's birthday with a massive, big-booty cake. Look at him dig into that thing!

With a song called "Fork" and his "Meal Time" cookbook out, there's no denying that 2 Chainz could be added the bakery club.

Next up — the pastry heard 'round the world. Kanye West also trended heavily on Twitter during the promotion (or, um, anti-promotion) of Yeezus. And while we were taken aback at Yeezy's volume and aggressiveness in "New Slaves" and "Black Skinheads," there was one lyric that really stuck out: "Hurry up with my damn croissant!" 'Ye's a big fan of the coffee-shop staple.

Big Sean loves pound cake, too, and he's admitted to MTV News that girlfriend Naya Rivera whips up the treat when he's feeling down... just like his grandma used to do. Lady Gaga tried to rap about it in "Cake," but the song hasn't resurfaced since we saw the teaser for it last year.

Of course, all these guys might get their cravings for cake from the rappers that came before them. The Beastie Boys have rhymed about Challah bread and Rakim once said "You scream I'm lazy, you must be crazy / Thought I was a donut, you tried to glaze me" in the song "Eric B. is President." And don't forget about Ludacris' love for Southern food, rapping about his Dirty Southern bread around the same era 50 Cent was proclaiming "I love you like a fat kid loves cake" on "21 Questions."