Beyonce Refuses To 'Bow Down' After Fan's Onstage Tackle

MTV News breaks down four of Queen Bey's most royally composed fan moments.

There's a reason why fans call Beyoncé "Queen Bey." Because when it comes to snafus onstage, she pretty much always comes off as regal — whether she's dealing with overzealous hugs or errant fans (of all sorts).

On Sunday, Bey had a bit of tumble during a performance in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While kneeling stage-side to clasp hands with adoring fans in the middle of singing "Irreplaceable," a shirtless man wrapped his arms around the singer and pulled her from the elevated stage. Security quickly intervened, but Beyoncé kept right on singing through it all.

Later, according to USA Today, she even spoke to her bare-chested fan, telling him, "It's all right. ... Thank you, I love you, too."

No tantrums, no diva fits, no breakdowns: Beyoncé handled the situation with the kind of grace that would make anyone "bow down." And this isn't the first time Queen Bey has shown some serious composure. MTV News breaks down three more moments below:

True American Idol

Letting a fan nab the mic is a dicey move at best — something that Beyoncé discovered during a performance a few years back when she handed the microphone to an amped-up woman in the crowd. Needless to say, said woman could not croon like Beyoncé, but instead of reacting with derision, Bey just smiled graciously and shimmied on. Simon Cowell, she ain't.

Ferocious Fan

Bey had a run-in with an entirely different kind of fan back in July: the kind with the sharp, whirly blades. Yup, during a Montreal stop on her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Bey's long locks got caught in a whirring wind machine. However, she kept right on singing her hit "Halo" throughout it all.

Later, she took to Instagram to laugh off the incident by rewriting the song's lyrics like this: "Gravity can't begin/ To pull me out of this fan again/ I felt my hair was yankin'/ From the fan that's always hatin'." The rewrite of the Ryan Tedder-produced track continued, name-checking her preferred hair weave selections, "Virgin Remy & Malaysian/ Haaaa!/ I got snatched/ 2 snaps/ Goodnight all, B."

Talk about finding inspiration in pain!

Lights, (No) Camera, Action

Smartphones, along with overly tall people who stand in the front row, are the bane of many a fan's concertgoing experience. They also, apparently, bug Beyoncé. During an Atlanta show this summer, Bey once again took fate in her hands by offering the mic to a group of audience members, one of whom was too busy filming with his camera to croon.

Instead of merely moving on, Bey decided to dispense with some advice. "See, you can't even sing because you're too busy taping," she said gamely. "I'm right in your face, baby. You gotta seize this moment, baby! Put that damn camera down!"

That's just some solid life advice right there, Bey.