Drake's 'Wu-Tang Forever' Gets Wu Co-Sign And A Few Fans Scratching Heads

Drizzy's samples 'It's Yourz' on Nothing Was the Same track but some expected a bigger Wu contribution.

Drake released the track "Wu-Tang Forever" Thursday off of his upcoming album Nothing Was the Same. But it turns out the Shaolin-inspired title, revealed last week on the track list, had fans expecting something very Tang flavored.

On the Nothing Was the Same track list, nestled between dreamy-sounding titles like "Tuscan Leather" and "Pound Cake" was the head-scratcher: "Wu-Tang Forever." Did Drizzy write a tribute to the Staten Island Clan? In addition to a posthumous ODB, was Wu-Tang hooking up with Drake for their 20th anniversary? The answers to those queries: "Not really," and "Probably not."

"Wu-Tang Forever," which features not RZA and company but Jhené Aiko, samples the Wu's 1997 jam "It's Yourz." Drake's song, however is more about ex-girlfriends ("I just love when I'm with you, yeah, this sh-- is on 10") and his prowess as a musician ("It ain't about who did it first/It's about who did it right") -- than anything Wu-Tang ever rapped about. In short, it's a Drake song — even if he does shout out the Clan and cop some of their lines.

Consequently, some listeners in the Twitterverse were confused by the jam, even if clan member Inspectah Deck had no beef with it. Friday morning (September 13), he tweeted: "GM fam! Woke up to a lot of @Drake disses... WTH? The homey did a song about us right? Is that not love/respect? Or did I miss sum'n?"

Despite that seal of approval, however, some fans took to the Web to express confusion. @VStarchaser tweeted, "Wu-Tang Forever .. This is not making any sense to me :/," while @CainMcCoy, apparently, couldn't get past the title, saying, "I was feeling everything from Drake up until 'Wu-Tang Forever.'" @MicheleJenae quipped about the song, referring to another — literally softer — title on the upcoming album: "is this pound cake or wu-tang forever?"

A few others pointed out the difference between Drake's lyrics and Wu-Tang's, some sharing side by side comparisons of "Wu-Tang Forever" and "It's Yourz." @The_Blackprint_ expressed his confusion with a simile: "You can't name a song 'Wu Tang Forever' and come soft as Charmin A-- paper...SMH"

Despite the blowback, however, Drake fans did come forward to express their love for the track. @Mattao tweeted, "I'm feelin that Wu Tang forever joint I don't care what yall say lol," while @AnIsraeli_God said, "Wu Tang Forever was so raw that it was giving me chills," referring to the spare nature of the track. ‏@MikaelaBunker, for one, crooned, "I want to stop listening to Wu-Tang Forever, but girl..." adding to the chorus of supporters who expressed a desire to get down — in one way or another — to the jam.

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