One Direction's Extended 'This Is Us': Five Things We Want to See!

MTV News puts together a wish list for the new version of the 1D flick, out this weekend.

This is one Friday the 13th Directioners aren't frightened about. Not only does Niall Horan turn 20, but the extended fan cut of One Direction's 3-D documentary, "This Is Us", hits theaters.

Considering that Harry Styles said he spent the last eight days working on the new version, it is bound to give fans even more insight into what happens behind the scenes. Director Morgan Spurlock was given unprecedented access to the superstars, and shot more than 900 hours of footage over the course of six months, so there's definitely still a lot of story to tell. But what will they show? We've made our own wish list.

More Backstory

We've already been privileged to 41 seconds of the new flick as they head to the "X Factor" studio, so there's still a whopping 19 minutes and 19 seconds of still-unreleased stuff for fans to soak in. And, while Spurlock has said he wanted to keep their romantic lives out of the picture, we'd definitely be down to see the fivesome explore their early days even deeper. And maybe even reunite with some of their old "X Factor" pals like Cher Lloyd or Little Mix.

Nude Antics?

Considering the guys told us back in August they'd love to see more of Niall's nipples in a sequel and they also recently shared they once went skinny-dipping together. Let's wish upon a star that the cameras were rolling.

More Tears

There's nothing more real than seeing Zayn Malik tear up when his mom calls him to thank him for the house he bought her in the first version. And since we already know that soccer injuries make Louis Tomlinson barf, we want to know what makes him cry? Let's hope we find out this weekend.

More Pranks

The group often goofs off in the first flick, even pulling pranks on unsuspecting folks on the street, so in that 20 extra minutes why not throw in a few more light-hearted moments with the fellas?

Midnight Memories On Loop

The guys have already revealed the reason they wanted to include their cover of Wheatus' "Teenage Dirtbag" in the original, but now's their chance to shine a spotlight on some of their new music. Their latest single, "Best Song Ever," gets a play in the first version, and fans are even treated to some footage of the guys recording their November 25 release. But with four additional songs included in the September 13 release, let's keep our fingers crossed that something else from Midnight Memories gets a spin.