'Transformers': Mark Wahlberg Confirms Two Big-Name Cameos

The actor (and proud owner of an upcoming Wahlburgers restaurant in Toronto) talks about working with his kids in 'Age of Extinction.'

TORONTO — With high-profile movies like "Transformers: Age of Extinction," Internet rumors are usually ignored by the filmmakers, but for the latest adventure of the Autobots, whispers of an appearance by the fan-favorite Dinobot got an official confirmation from producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

But when MTV News spoke with the star of "Age of Extinction," Mark Wahlberg — who was in town to announce the 2014 opening of a Wahlburgers — he wasn't quite ready to talk openly about the secret. "You can't say that, dude. Did you leak it? Did you leak it? You leaked it," he said. "Somebody leaked it, dude. Somebody was on the set leaked it, and it is not OK. It's not cool."

So is that a confirmation of the Dinobots from Wahlberg? Not quite. "I don't know," he said. "I haven't seen no Dinobot, so don't put that on me."

There is, however, a new cameo that Wahlberg is happy to talk about. His kids will make a brief appearance in "Age of Extinction."

"My kids just did a cameo, just scared people in the street looking up, but they did a great job. I was so nervous because Michael doesn't have time for bad performances," he said. "You have to understand; you're shooting a $300 million movie. You've got a lot going on. He's got five, six takes. If you ain't got it, you're done. I didn't want to see my kids get clipped. They were excited about, but they started to get mad at me because I'm trying to over-direct them. It went great."

Wahlberg really appreciated the lengths that Bay went to to make the cameo happen, and as he learned, the actor doesn't just text his thanks. He hugs them out.

"For him to take the time to set up the specific shot that he actually wants to put in the movie for my kids. I don't like asking for those kinds of things," Wahlberg said. "I was going to send him a text, but I just wanted to wait and thank him in person. I gave him a big hug yesterday."