Miley Cyrus Raps Like Justin Bieber On '23,' Fans Say

Fans declare their love (and uncertainty) for her verse on Mike Will Made It's track.

Miley Cyrus is having a big week... and it's only Tuesday.

Along with announcing her new MTV documentary (out October 2), releasing her Bangerz track list and swinging the "Wrecking Ball" video our way, we also get to hear the pop singer on Mike Will Made It's brand-new track, "23."

Fans have been waiting some time to hear the full track, which features the twerking pop singer rapping alongside more seasoned rhymers like Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. And though fans are still waiting for the video for the Mike Will-produced track, Smilers are already reacting to Cyrus' turn on "23," a club jam about partying in miniskirts and Air Jordans.

"You thought Miley was cool/ratchet/hot/whatever before... wait until you here her rapping on this song," @JOPRO50 wrote, mirroring some of the sentiments Smilers felt about Cyrus' latest incarnation as a rapper. @SweetSINaMINnut added, "Miley better work...she not to bad at this rapping s--- #23."

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A bunch of listeners were onboard with Cyrus flexing her rapping muscle. And given just how many MCs (Big Sean, Nelly, Future) are slated to make cameos on her October 8 release, Bangerz, they just might get what they are asking for. @allisonmarie94 wrote, "What's better than Miley stripping? Miley rapping #loveher #badbitch."

While not all fans could totally co-sign her attempt at rapping, they seemed to still have some positive feelings about it. "I wouldn't class her as rapping, but Miley sounds sick on this track 23, as well as my baby Wiz ofc," @suzannesidhu wrote.

@BenJ_828 added that her rapping sounds a bit like a few other pop stars' attempts in the rap game. He wrote, "Now playing @MikeWiLLMadeIt - 23 Miley sounds like Justin Bieber rapping on this one."

"I can dig Mike WiLL Made It's 23. Not a game changer, but not a flop," @MIKEfrancesconi wrote. "What's with all these white girls with no flow rapping? #Miley #Gaga."

Finally, the track did leave some people scratching their heads. "Miley should never try rapping wasn't terrible but she just doesn't fit the part of a rapper," @30_smn wrote.

@MikeOfDoom added, "bruh. Miley Cyrus rapping on this 23 song. The world has already ended and we are dwelling in the earths remains."

But the criticism didn't seem to bother Mike Will Made It, who retweeted fan reaction throughout the day. He had only two words to say to the haters: "loosen up."

If all the new music wasn't enough, Mile also confirmed her hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live".