The Wanted Debut 'Epic' New Ballad 'Show Me Love'

Nathan Sykes tells MTV News why the brand-new Word of Mouth track means so much to him.

The Wanted may have had to push back the release of Word of Mouth, but on Tuesday (September 10), the boy band offered up fans some new music thanks to their new single, "Show Me Love."

The ballad offers up a change of pace for the group, who previously dropped two peppier singles "Walks Like Rihanna" and "We Own the Night" off their November 4 effort. Their latest single, which bandmate Nathan Sykes helped co-write, is about coming to terms with a relationship that just isn't going to work out. The boy bander spoke to MTV News about the track, explaining why he wanted to write it.

"Personally, for me, there's a song called 'Show Me Love' and it's a song I wrote in an afternoon with a friend of mine. And it really means a lot to me 'cause it kind of goes into how hard it is to hold a relationship when you're in this business, traveling the world and stuff like that," he told us about the slow jam.

"And it's just saying to someone 'I could have shown you the world but obviously we're on different paths.' I think that's kind of how a lot of people in this industry kind of feel, but I think it's very relatable to a lot of the fans as well because sometimes in life that just happens and people end up on different paths and it just doesn't work out."

While the guys are best known for creating party-themed jams, their new track recalls "All Time Low," a ballad off their 2010 self-titled debut album.

"It's like a really epic sound and we went back to, we wanted to recreate the string sound that we used in 'All Time Low.' It's quite deep, I'm not gonna lie. We also think the chorus is very sing-along and there's this amazing breakdown bit which we also love," he explained. "So that's the one I can relate to quite a lot."

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