Meek Mill Let Kendrick Know He 'Means Business' On 'Ooh Kill Em' Dis

'Kendrick made a statement where he wanted to be competitive, so I made it competitive,' Meek tells MTV News of his 'Control' response.

For the hip-hop community, Kendrick Lamar's "Control" verse was the shot heard 'round the world, provoking a slew of rappers who weren't even called out by name to respond. Meek Mill was named on the track though, and after finally snapping back at K.Dot on "Ooh Kill Em" this weekend, the MMG rapper told MTV News that he just needed to find time to record — but it was coming.

"The day I dropped it was the day I finished it," Meek said, explaining why the response was a bit delayed. "I've been working on my mixtape, Self Made Vol 3. and trying to get music for my album so I didn't really have time just to focus on dis raps."

Meek and his producer Rio settled on a beat sampled from Dr. Dre and Eminem's "Forgot About Dre," which inspired a bit of Shady flow. "Rio sent me the beat, it was a west coast beat — the 'Forgot About Dre' beat — and it just made me think about that so I ran with the Eminem flow from there and I just talked my talk."

"Kendrick made a statement where he wanted to be competitive, so I made it competitive," Meek added. "It's a lot of people who he said their names but a lot of people like to play chess and poker, etcetera, and I'm just having fun. I could do that all day, so I just wanted to start it off and let him know — let's play. I like having fun, I love to rap, so it's fun to me."

In his response, Meek definitely takes issue with Kendrick dubbing himself "the king of New York," rapping, "Man, you claiming you the King of New York / What the f--- wrong with you n----, snap back / Hundred shots, aimin' straight at your snap cap/Everybody want the crown 'til I snatch that."

"I'm from the east coast, New York is right next to Philly and Jay Z is still here so I had to make a statement about that," Meek said, confirming that he's seen Kendrick since 'Control' was released.

"I seen Kendrick at Hov's party," he explained. "At first I was talking to Hov and I didn't see Kendrick but he was sitting right there so I walked back, we shook hands, we smiled and I told him 'yeah I'm gonna get you man.'"

"I said 'I just gotta figure out how I'm gonna do it, because the way you came it wasn't in a disrespectful way,' " he said of their exchange. "I'm from Philly, when somebody comes at you, they come at you in a very disrespectful way, like they're gonna kill your mother in their raps and all types of stuff, so I was just thinking of a way I could keep it respectful, but still talk that work so you know that I mean business."

Meek and fellow Philly rapper Cassidy are currently engaged in their own war of words.