'Breaking Bad': Who Will Die Next Week?

After Sunday night's climactic shootout, we place odds on who's making it out alive.

Of course Uncle Jack and the white supremacists were going to show up! The bullet-ridden finale had the kind of inevitability that made Sunday night's episode of "Breaking Bad" so difficult to watch without covering your face with your hands.

Next week's episode is a little harder to predict thanks to the cruelly perfect timing on the cliffhanger. The only person we know who walks away from the shootout in "To'hajiilee" is Walter. Everyone else could potentially be taking a dirt nap not far from Heisenberg's buried barrels of money, but we've got some guesses as to who that might be.

Steve "Gomie" Gomez - 1 to 5

There's no way that that many bullets get fired and someone doesn't die, and when that many white supremacists point their rifles and an automatic shotgun at the DEA agents, at least one of the good guys is going down. With Marie fully aware of the secret mission to bring down Walt, Gomie is fully expendable. He's enough of a minor character to die without it being too much of a downer, and his death would be enough to force Walt to leave New Mexico. Sorry, Gomie. You were an OK cop.

White Supremacist Kenny - 1 to 3

Uncle Jack's buddy (and, like Jesse Plemons, a "Friday Night Lights" alum), Kenny is without a doubt the Gomie of the white supremacists. Someone needs to die from each side to show that the shootout was actually deadly instead of the miss-a-thon that we saw at the end of this episode. If Hank or Gomie are going down, the least Vince Gilligan can do is let them take someone with them.

Hank - 1 to 1

His last-minute call to Marie — essentially a good-bye call — certainly did seem to seal Hank's fate, but would "Breaking Bad" ever be so obvious about something? While Hank's death does seem like an overwhelmingly believable cause of Walter's new life in New Hampshire, let us offer this possibility before we start our own good-bye. Assuming Gomie's a goner (get over it), what if Hank lived? The white supremacists couldn't just let him go, could they? They could hold him hostage if they didn't want to deal with another dead DEA agent. Now that sounds like a reason for Walter to come back with some firepower.

Todd - 1 to 1

What's the worst thing that could happen to Uncle Jack and Lydia's operation? Todd's death would create the most conflict for the most characters in the remaining three episodes, and it would bring Lydia, a lingering threat up until now, back to the forefront. It would also raise the demand for a cook, and there are two who meet the blue standard. Assuming Walt jets off to New Hampshire, Jesse has the knowledge, and based on the way he slipped out of Walter's car, it's safe to assume that he's OK and available to cook.

Uncle Jack - 10 to 1

As much as we'd like to see this guy go down, he makes the perfect target for Walter's bearded M60 and ricin assault.

Jesse - 20 to 1

Nope, he's got too much left to do.